Raquel Macartney performs live ‘Under Pressure Cover’ by Queen and Bowie. Friday 20th January 2017, P Cafe


Live performance cover of song mentioned in flyer, also exploring the vocals as sculpture and experimenting with the notion of spectatorship through karaoke instrumental and collaborative audiences with manipulation of authorship, references to dictatorship and a play on hierarchy.



Twitter @RaquelMacartney

Instagram @raquelmacartney


This amazing song by Queen and Bowie says it all under the umbrella of its title ‘Under Pressure’ and at such times as these – the song to me is a clear snapshot of what life’s like today and is relevant. ‘Buildings brought down, families split in two, people on streets-‘ … It’s a living nightmare. The sad truth is, it’s everywhere.

The song comforts me by giving me the magnifying glass to be conscious to what’s going on around us, with a shared hope that the power and will to change things, can only really rest through you and me-, through, love. There’s struggle, there’s fear, there’s frustration, there’s torment in the futility of life that we seem to live in, also, very prevalent in this song.

But there is also, a deep longing; a desperation to give love and face love, no matter what risks are involved.

There are strong hints to confront a truth that will be exposed about ourselves and each other perhaps as we dare to live selflessly, considerately and without judgement, because life really, is too short and we only have one shot together, to dance our last dance. Even through the everyday pressures we may find ourselves in. – Raquel Macartney


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