World View : In memory of Jo Cox. Maiden Speech hand written in correction fluid pen, screen printed on black t-shirts…

Jo Cox t-shirts Tribute‬
‪World View 2016‬ : In Memory of Jo
From Berlin to Birmingham 💌
Please email with your interest for a Jo Cox t-shirt
All proceeds will go to the charity ‘Jo Cox Foundation’ 💕

Screen printed by Liam Ward
‪Broken Dimanche Press I FUK Graphic Design Studio I The Other Lab I STATTLAB e.V.

I wanted to commemorate Late Labour MP Jo Cox by making a tribute artwork in memory of her. The concept began with highlighting a part of Jo’s Maiden Speech in Parliament, ‘We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us…’

These great inspiring words have been thought provoking for me in many ways and are especially relevant in these current times. With use of repetition, I hand wrote part of this speech with a correction fluid pen on black card, forming a world map.

Upon entering an open call competition hosted in Berlin, three winning designs were selected to have t-shirts produced. The t-shirts I have designed are now being sold and all proceeds will go to the charity Jo cox Foundation. Please see details above to obtain a shirt.




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