‘Lower Your Guard’ 2017


This is a dance which is inspired by the ‘Changing of the Guard’ hosted by Buckingham Palace, boats on the River Thames with a focus on the ‘Hermitage Community Moorings’ and the nature of ‘doves’ when they fly in unison. ‘Allelo’ (Ancient Greek) describes mutual relation to one another. ‘Memesis’ (also Greek) means imitation or mimicry. This is the tendency of an animal or other agent to imitate the actions of its immediate neighbours.

The performance explores the metamorphosis of one subject to the next. It examines differing movement styles and how structures can be deconstructed and evolve into something new. It is suggestive of a metaphor for the ways in which individuals are constantly transforming to an ever changing environment. How we do this in harmony with one another is the question that this performance raises in a conceptual and thought provoking way.

The disarming of people when they guard themselves through life interests me. I for one guard myself all the time! It’s a way of protection and survival and it is a good mechanism on many levels. However to lower my guard and to allow for trust, mutual understanding and make room for risk in any sort of situation or relationship is the harder thing to do. Inevitably, it has proven the more rewarding option in my opinion, whether the results have been good or bad. (Often the former rather than the latter in the long run if you ask me.)

I thought this would be a relevant and timely thing to undertake and execute especially during such times that we are living in; politically, economically, socially, environmentally… whatever contexts that are being faced.

The dance will be performed in London on the weekend of the ‘Great Get Together’ to celebrate the life and causes that late Labour MP Jo Cox stood for. The anniversary weekend is on the 17-18th June.

Please email me for more details and to audition at Fitness First Stirchley on Sunday 30th April at 1pm until 2pm


Events are in support of the Jo Cox Foundation charity.


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