Dance4Jo Great Get Together 2017





Photo credit : Teresa Lundquist Floating Gardens Tower Bridge Moorings and Raquel Macartney

‘ One Boat Many Parts 2017 ‘

A troop of dancers from around the country aged 6 to 52 will perform a 15 minute dance choreographed by Raquel Macartney, on a barge opposite the Arts Ark, to commemorate late Labour MP Jo Cox on the weekend of her Anniversary.

Jo was tragically murdered last year… This dance celebrates her life and all that she stood for, as well as showing tribute to all victims of terrorism.

Inspiration has been drawn from the ‘Changing of the Guard’, the boats on the ‘Hermitage Community Moorings’ and the Dove Memorial in the ‘Hermitage Community Gardens’.

The live performance reflects transformation on our current times and brings to light the importance of life, hope, love, unity and solidarity.

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us” – Jo Cox Maiden Speech 2015

Join us at the stunning Tower Bridge Moorings for the performance at 3.30pm open to the public.

Admission £4 (goes towards the London Parks and Gardens Trust), kids are free.

Open Garden Squares | Floating Gardens Exhibition opens from 2pm until 5pm.

The 7.45pm evening dance is part of a flotilla and boat horn sounding programme, strictly by private invitation.
Starts 6.15pm – 11pm when lights go out!

This dance is a crowdfunded event and is in support of the Jo Cox Foundation.

M V Hendrix Downing Roads
Moorings 31 Mill Street

Any queries
More info

Dancers include

Asia Macartney
Mishti Yara Budd
Nagarathna Saravan
Emmanuelle Jordon
Tia Tylisha Wynter
Jobiz Joe
Lee Bailey
Alexandra Evans
Goldie Tomas-Sjoo
Raquel Macartney
Dinah Josephs
Genevieve Jordon
Debbie Bishop

Please support our crowdfunding campaign to assist Dance4Jo troops with this project, check out link and claim designed Jo Cox Anniversary tops by Raquel Macartney for pledging:

Snippets of performance below, official video and photography to come.



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