Image credit Jamie Fell (Left to right: Raquel Macartney with Sybilla Couzens aged 7, (winner of bookmark making competition in the under 12’s category, at Artefact 26.9.18) her mother Annelyse, brother Sebastian and youngest brother Lucas, and Anita Mann.

I am writing this book ‘KIDS & ART & MAKIN’ DOSH 5 gems to true wealth in motherhood.’ to help not just mothers but all creatives. This book sums up my journey both creatively, spiritually and in my everyday since my love for art blossomed from being a very young child to my juggling act as a parent and artist. Through the highs and the lows, these key moments which have been carefully selected and discussed through significant artworks made over the years, provide insight and useful tactics to getting through hurdles or obstacles you may face as an artist or creative person- as they have helped me in the past and continue to do so as I continue my practice.

Integrated in the work also are Q & A excerpts for the reader to reflect on their own creative pathways to assist with provoking thought and dialogue as a means to take action in the hope of living to your fullest life creatively, and attract means of wealth through your interests and passion.

I am a mother of two young children aged 6 and 8. My interests stem in a multidisciplinary approach to making conceptual art often about the everyday, motherhood, through collaboration, socio politics, the environment and ephemeral, and the desire to question the possibilities when boundaries are broken.

I was born and lived in London until training in Architecture and Fine Art in Manchester at Uni. Having had my kids not long after graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 2008, we later relocated to Birmingham and up until my youngest child started school, did I find the opening window to re emerge into my art practice fully in 2015. I commute to various locations locally, regionally and internationally to execute projects. My current focus is to publish my upcoming book and am in the process of having my manuscript edited to publish.

Having launched my first live talk, pop up exhibition and workshop at Birmingham’s Artefact, discussed my work with BBC West Midlands Radio 95.6 FM and performed live the transcription of the work at London’s Leyden Gallery, I hope to host further events on my book and will keep news posted both on this website and on my other online links.

I would love your support and ask that you would subscribe and follow links below to keep updated. Thank you!

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Current discounted offer on the book is £10 if order is made by Sunday 30th September. Original book price is £15 after this date.

To pre-order please go to PayPal for the amount of £10.00 and leave your email so I can confirm that I have received the amount.




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