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Broken Dimanche : No Normalisation 2016

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Antony Gormley’s One and Other : 4th Plinth, 2009 

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One and Other / by Antony Gormley
Antony Gormley
London : Jonathan Cape, 2010. Printed and bound in China by C&C offset Printing Co. Ltd.

Raquel Macartney ‘Dive on the Fourth Plinth’, 2009 | 218,219,220,221,654 |

Artist Director of Foundation Art Birmingham since October 2015

Funded by Arts Connect West Midlands

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Twitter- @FdnArtBrum

Artist Director of Fab Forest funded by Arts Connect since March 2016

Funded by Arts Connect West Midlands

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Node Center for Curatorial Studies – Berlin, April – June 2016

Funded by Arts Connect West Midlands

  • Art Criticism and Writing: an Introduction with An Paenhuysen
  • Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating with Lauren Reid
  • Art Publications from Start to Finish with John Holten

Cannon Hill Art School, mac Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham May – July 2015

12 week course devised by artist and curator Trevor Pitt : Inspired by ground-breaking art schools such as Black Mountain College, USA and the more current artist-led and DIY art school initiatives such as Open School East, London

Manchester School of Art – Manchester Metropolitan University 2001 – 2008

MA Fine Art, BA Hons Sculpture, Foundation in Architecture

Current Artist Residency/ Collaborations 

The Jo Cox Foundation charity, London- fundraising from designed merchandise

Live choreographed performance, site tba. (London) Saturday 17th June 2017 as part of The Great Get Together to celebrate the life and anniversary of late Labour MP Jo Cox

Flying Leaps, London- UK street poster launch for 16th June 2017

Stryx , Minerva Works: Digbeth, Birmingham May – July 2016


Forest School in Selly Oak South Birmingham for kids aged 6-12 Current

Protest live performance cover of Under Presdure by Queen and Bowie on the Inauguration of Trump at P Cafe part of performance workshops and screenings

Care4Calais and Foundation Art Birmingham hosting Jungle Calais refugee art, French and English workshops August 2016

Saturday 9th July 2016 2pm until 4pm, Centrala Gallery Space; A families and children’s art workshop centred on artwork made during Raquel Macartney’s ‘Soup Part III Artist Residency’ for more details see

International Women’s Day, Bournbrook Community Hall, Birmingham, March 2015, 2016, 2017 and London 2017 tributes to Jo Cox

Talk on celebrating women’s identity, art practice, family, convictions, health and sociology politics

Mother and Daughter Afternoon (Tea and Art Workshop), IKON and BMAG, 2015

Conference and plaster hand casting workshop organised for 30 participants from London, Wales, Manchester and Birmingham

Curated Shows

‘Seasons Come and Seasons Go’ 2016 Curated Show, P Cafe Stirchley 20-24.9.16

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‘Debris By Day, Debris By Night’ 2016, Centrala Gallery

Sculptural Installation: Donated garments, glow in the dark sewing pins, blacked out dilapidated gallery space, information assistant turning electrical lights on and off

5pm – 9pm, Friday 1st July 2016 Preview Night, Centrala Gallery

Centrala Gallery Space, First Floor Artloft, Digbeth
Installation exhibits from 3rd until 9th July with a families and children’s workshop on Saturday 9th centred on themes from the artist’s work

6.30pm – 8.30pm Friday 1st July 2016 Soup Part III Group Show, Stryx Gallery

Stryx Gallery, Minerva Works (opposite Centrala) for one night
Soup Part III Artist Residency works made from May, June, July, ‘Know No Bounds’ 2016 video installation, ‘Transcendence’ 2016 sculptural installation and ‘Debris By Day, Debris By Night’ 2016 video documentary

‘Transcendence’ 2016

Live performance, 2 hours
Recorded live on
Friday 3rd June 2016,
Stryx, Minerva Works, Digbeth, Birmingham
Iron, iron board, water, jug filler, laptop, speaker, 2Cellos albums, iPhone, video camera, tripods

‘May Digbeth First Friday’, with Soup Part III Artists; Stryx, Minerva Works in Digbeth and guest speaker on Brum Radio live with Trevor Pitt and Karolina Korupczynska, 2016

‘Know No Bounds’ 2016, sculptural video installation, DVD video performance 8 mins length, TV monitor, plinth

‘Meet the Artists: Soup Part III’ 2016, video projection 30 mins length. Following artists interviewed by director Aly Grimes and filmed by director Karolina Korupczynska: Johnny Gordon, Megan de Greef, Raquel Macartney, Chuma Martin, Duncan Poulton and Gavin Rogers

A Living Museum : 2053, Tate Liverpool February 2016

Live and recorded performance re-enacting Hans Haacke Condensation Cube 1963-1965, 10 mins length. Filmed and photographed by Huw Macartney and Tate Liverpool

Graduation Ceremony, Cannon Hill Art School, Birmingham, September 2015

Launch of ‘Cannon Hill Art School Interviews’ 2015, videographer Chris Keenan and sound engineer Richard Gott

Cannon Hill Art School Summer Show, First floor gallery, mac Birmingham, Birmingham, July – September 2015

‘Strapped In’ 2015, sculptural video installation, 3 car monitor players strapped on 3 plinths and DVD videos 1 hour length collectively

Cannon Hill Art School Summer Show, mac Birmingham and Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, July – September 2015

‘Camstroller’ 2015, live performance, opening night of Cannon Hill Art School Summer Show, 6pm – 8pm, between Cannon Hill Park and mac Birmingham. Dual buggy, 3 tripods, 3 video cameras including iPhones and tape

Royal Brompton Hospital, London Bridges 5-10K Walk, London, June 2015

‘The Long Short Walk’ 2015, live performance, 2 hours length. Dual buggy, 3 tripods, 3 video cameras including iPhones and tape

‘Mother and Babies Festival’, The Beeches, Bournville, Birmingham, April 2014

‘Shades of the Ephemeral’ 2014, widescreen monitor, video 15 mins length

‘Women’s International Day’, Selly Oak Social Club, Birmingham, March 2014

‘Everyday Charcoal Traces’ 2012-2014, 100 drawings of life as a mother, charcoal on paper

Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’, 2 – 3pm Saturday 3rd October 2009, Trafalgar Square, London, October 2009

‘Dive on the Empty Plinth’ 2009, one hour live performance, single emptied filing cabinet

‘Collaboration of Human Rights’ with Monica Ross, Beaconsfield Contemporary Art Gallery, London, September 2009

Anniversary- an act of memory, recitation no.13

‘Live performance recital of selected human rights in Tagalog’ 2009, 2 mins length. Audio, video and photography documented by Monica Ross

A recitation, from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by 57 artists in: British Sign Language, English, Finnish, German, Irish, Italian, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Serbian and Tagalog

Four Artists from Manchester School of Art : Mary Griffiths, Raquel Macartney, Fiona McKillop, Richard Proffitt, curated by Johanna Lecklin – Finnish Academy of Fine Art Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, February – March 2009

‘The Dive’ 2007, video projection, 30 mins length

MA Fine Art Show, Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, October 2008

‘Keep Myself’ 2008, sculptural video installation 5 mins length, DVD video performance, TV monitor, plinth

Bankley Studios and Art Gallery, Levenshulme, Manchester October 2007

‘The Dive’ 2007, video performance 30 mins length, ‘Rollover’ 2007, video performance 2 mins length, ‘My Anthem’ 2007, video performance 5 mins length. Triple video sculptural installation including emptied filing cabinets with three TV monitors and DVD players

BA Fine Art Show, Side Gallery, Manchester School of Art, June 2005

‘The Agenda(s)’ 2005, interactive sculptural installation with audio and visual on loop. 12 x 12 ft x 15 inch raised platform, 12 laptops, 2 portable audio players with remote controls and bass earphones, carpet, aluminium strips